The Progressive Governance Summit (PGS) is an annual conference on current affairs and politics. Each year, an international network of progressive leaders come together to exchange best practices on how to expand electoral majorities and impactfully govern. The PGS network includes activists to heads of state who work in local to international settings.

From successful campaigns and coalitions, to narratives that win over hearts and minds, and policies that deliver on the promise of progress, the PGS is a space where progressive leaders work on building capacities to govern. 

We organize the PGS, because our democracies cannot be taken for granted. We know that everything from fundamental human rights to a habitable planet depends on building progressive majorities, winning elections, and implementing successful policies. PGS brings together green, left, liberal, social democratic political actors in order to show solidarity and build alliances for a more equitable and green political era.

We also know that such a new era of politics cannot come soon enough. Looking back at the 2010s, we see a decade of existential threats to democratic institutions and norms across Europe and North America. Encouraging elections were won in the United States, Spain, Germany, Portugal – yet the turn of the decade also brought the pandemic, inadequate action against the climate crisis, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – challenging recent progressive electoral success. As we emerge from these crises, it is up to us to define a decade of progress – because while change is inevitable, progress is not.

The Legacy

From Santiago to London, Oslo, Dublin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Stockholm to Berlin – Progressive Governance conferences and summits have been held worldwide since 1999. Since its inception, the conference has gathered leading as well as up-and-coming academics, activists and political decision-makers from around the globe. While each Progressive Governance edition has had a different main focus, the underlying goal remains the same: to debate and discuss the current state of centre-left parties and movements as well as common paths forward. The now yearly Progressive Governance series brings cutting-edge intellectual thinking and impactful political actors together to rejuvenate the progressive governing philosophy and political agenda across the world.

Robert Habeck at the 2019 Progressive Governance Symposium.
Magdalena Andersson attended Progressive Governance in 2015.
Bill Clinton attended the Progressive Governance Series in 2003.

Our partners

The Progressive Governance Summit 2022 is co-hosted by 11 progressive organisations from Europe and North America, in addition to 15 partners. At the summit, we are crossing borders and party lines for a just and green future.

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